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December 2, 2022

gate valve with integral bypass

The most used valve painting colours, to mark up the different application.

RAL1000 meters green yellow

RAL1001 beige, light yellow

RAL1002 sand yellow

RAL1003 signal yellow

RAL1004 golden yellow

RAL1005 honey yellow

RAL1006 corn yellow

RAL1007 grayish yellow

RAL1011 meter brown

RAL1012 lemon yellow

RAL1013 is close to white light gray

RAL1014 ivory

RAL1015 bright ivory

RAL1016 sulfur color

RAL1017 dark yellow

RAL1018 greenish-yellow

RAL1019 beige

RAL1020 olive yellow

RAL1021 rape yellow

RAL1023 Traffic Yellow

RAL1024 ochre yellow

RAL1027 curry color

RAL1028 light orange-yellow

RAL1032 Gorse yellow

RAL1033 Dahlia yellow

RAL1034 pink yellow

RAL2000 yellow-orange

RAL2001 orange-red

RAL2002 Vermilion

RAL2003 light orange

RAL2004 light orange

RAL2008 light reddish orange

RAL2009 Traffic Orange

RAL2010 signal orange

RAL2011 dark orange

RAL2012 salmon orange

RAL3000 flame red

RAL3001 signal red

RAL3002 carmine

RAL3003 ruby red

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RAL3004 fuchsia red

RAL3005 wine red

RAL3007 black and red

RAL3009 oxidizes red

RAL3011 red basalt earth

RAL3012 meters red

RAL3013 tomato red

RAL3014 Paleo pink

RAL3015 pale pink

RAL3016 coral red

RAL3017 rose

RAL3018 strawberry red

RAL3020 Traffic Red

RAL3022 salmon pink

RAL3027 hook sub-red

RAL3031 Goya red

RAL4001 lilac red

RAL4002 fuchsia red

RAL4003 Heather violet

RAL4004 burgundy purple

RAL4005 lilac blue

RAL4006 Traffic Purple

RAL4007 purple-red-blue

RAL4008 signal violet

RAL4009 Song blue-violet

RAL4010 TV magenta

RAL5000 violet-blue

RAL5001 teal

RAL5002 ultramarine

RAL5003 Sapphire Blue

RAL5004 blue-black

RAL5005 signal blue

RAL5007 bright blue

RAL5008 grayish blue

RAL5009 Azure Blue

RAL5010 gentian blue

RAL5011 steel blue

RAL5012 light blue

RAL5013 cobalt blue

RAL5014 pigeon blue

RAL5015 sky blue

RAL5017 Traffic Blue

RAL5018 Turquoise Blue

RAL5019 Capri Blue

RAL5020 Ocean Blue

RAL5021 Bremen blue

RAL5022 night blue

RAL5023 cool blue

RAL5024 Song blue

RAL6000 patina green

RAL6001 Emerald Green

RAL6002 leaves green

RAL6003 olive green

RAL6004 teal

RAL6005 moss green

RAL6006 olive gray-green

RAL6007 bottle green

RAL6008 brownish green

RAL6009 Fir Green

RAL6010 grass green

RAL6011 light olive green

RAL6012 dark green

RAL6013 Reed Green

RAL6014 olive yellow

RAL6015 black oliguer fruit color

RAL6016 turquoise green

RAL6017 May Green

RAL6018 yellow-green

RAL6019 Song blue-green

RAL6020 inscribed green

RAL6021 light green

RAL6022 olive earth brown

RAL6024 Traffic Green

RAL6025 fern green

RAL6026 opal green

RAL6027 light green

RAL6028 pine green

RAL6029 Mint Green

RAL6032 signal green

RAL6033 Mint greenish blue

RAL 6034 Song blue turquoise color

RAL7000 Squirrel Ash

RAL7001 silver gray

RAL7002 olive gray-green

RAL7003 moss green

RAL7004 signal gray

RAL7005 rat gray

RAL7006 beige

RAL7008 is yellowish gray

RAL7009 green-gray

RAL7010 tarpaulin ash

RAL7011 iron gray

RAL7012 Xuanwu Lime

RAL7013 brownish gray

RAL7015 light olive gray

RAL7016 coal ash

RAL7021 Black Ash

RAL7022 dark gray

RAL7023 concrete ash

RAL7024 graphite ash

RAL7026 granite ash

RAL7030 stony grey

RAL7031 blue-gray

RAL7032 Pebble Lime

RAL7033 cement ash

RAL7034 yellow-gray

RAL7035 light gray

RAL7036 platinum gray

RAL7037 is grey

RAL7038 Onyx Gray

RAL7039 quartz ash

RAL7040 window gray

RAL7042 Traffic Ash A

RAL7043 Traffic Ash B

RAL7044 dark gray

RAL7045 TV Gray 1

RAL7046 TV Gray 2

RAL7047 TV Gray 4

RAL8000 greenish-brown

RAL8001 ochre brown

RAL8002, signal brown

RAL8003 earth tan

RAL8004 copper brown

RAL8007 deer brown

RAL8008 olive brown

RAL8011 dark brown

RAL8012 reddish-brown

RAL8014 squid brown

RAL8015 millet brown

RAL8016 mahogany brown

RAL8017 chocolate brown

RAL8019 taupe

RAL8022 black-brown

RAL8023 orange yellow-brown

RAL 8024 m brown

RAL8025 light brown

RAL8028 is light taupe

RAL9001 color yellow

RAL9002 off-white

RAL9003 signal white

RAL9004 signal black

RAL9005 inky black

RAL9010 pure white

RAL9011 graphite black

RAL9016 Traffic White

RAL9017 Traffic Black

RAL9018 Grass Paper White

RAL9006 white aluminum gray

RAL9007 gray aluminum color


RAL 9006 and RAL9007 are metallic colors


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