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CARBONVALVE is an industrial valves manufacturer in Oubei, Wenzhou, China. It has more than 10 years to be a petrochemical valves supplier such as gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, plug valves, butterfly valves and diaphragm valves. It is also a technology explorer for DBB plug valves, orbit ball valves etc.

Our company professionally produce the industrial valves and petrochemical valves in accordance with the standards of API 6D, API 600, API 602, API 607, DIN3202 F1, F4, F5, DIN3352, EN12266, JISB2002, BS1868 and so on. Such special materials as WCB, LCB, LCC, WC6, WC9, C5, C12, CF8, CF8M, CN7M, duplex steel 2205, 2507, F51, F53, and inconel 625, Hastelloy, Monel, Titanium alloy etc can be selected according to customers requirements.

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V port(V notch) ball valves
July 17, 2024
 #vportballvalve #vnotchballvalve #vtypeballvalve #ballvalve V-port ball valve is a type of ball valve, which belongs to the trunnion ball valve and is also a single seat sealed ball valve. Its reg...
v type ball valves  

Customized color valves
July 15, 2024
 #IndustrialValves #FluidControl #valvesupplier #valvefactory Our valves are not only of high quality but also have good sealing performance. Multiple color customizations are also supported to meet...
colourful valves  

Floating trunnion fully welded ball valves
July 2, 2024
 #ballvalve #floatingballvalve #trunnionballvalve #fullweldedballvalve This is a corner of our ball valve workshop. We can produce floating ball valves, fixed ball valves, and fully welded ball valv...
fully welded ball valves  

Chainwheel operated gate valve
June 28, 2024
 #chainwheelvalve #chainwheelactuatedvalve #chainwheelgatevalve chainwheel is a simple and convenient type of valve actuator, using the principle of moving pulley, by pulling the chain wrapped around ...
chainwheel operated gate valve  

JIS 10K globe valves
June 26, 2024
 #JISglobevalves #caststeelglobevalves #10Kglobevalves Our new JIS 10K cast steel globe valves is ready for shipment, it is produced for a ASEAN Offshore oil project. CARBONVALVE have rich production...
blue JIS 10K globe valve  

RAL Colours for valve painting
December 2, 2022
  contents to be overwritted
gate valve with integral bypass  

F51 4A CD3MN S31803 2205 duplex ball valves
May 6, 2022
 #duplexballvalvesupplier #duplexballvalvestocklist #duplexstainlesssteelballvalves #duplex2205F51ballvalve We produce duplex stainless steel ball valves in threaded female NPT end, pressure PN63/...
duplex F51 2205 threaded ball valve  

Incoloy825 diaphragm valve
February 26, 2022
 Our newly produced #Incoloy825 #diaphragmvalve before dispatching.Incoloy 825 is a titanium-stabilized fully austenitic nickel-iron-chromium alloy with additions of copper and molybdenum. Incoloy 825 ...
Incoloy825 diaphragm valve  

Pressure sealed globe valve
February 12, 2022
 pressure sealed globe valve, refers to a valve whose closing part (disc) moves along the center line of the valve seat. According to this movement form of the valve disc, the change of the valve seat ...
Pressure sealed globe valve  

Safety valve in forged duplex steel A182-F51
September 28, 2021
 This is our newly produced #safetyvalve, it is made of #forgedduplex steel #F51 for good application in #waterdesalination  
Safety valve in forged duplex steel A182-F51  

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